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Company services

Taxi Melkior

A service perfectly suited to business needs:host and transport of distinguished visitors, transport for officers…

Subscription Service

To simplify the fares’ payments and make the management of travel expenses easier, opt for the deferred billing system.

You, your employees or your guests have the option not to pay anything to the driver.

The amount of the taxi fares is directly charged on the company’s account. Monthly this one will receive a summary of the services operated in order to optimize the management of its travel expenses. 

This service is dedicated to companies and regular clients. Think about contacting us to create your account before your next reservation and benefit from this advantage.


Logistical support 

Our team will help you in the transport and logistics management of your events. In order to ensure an optimal quality of service, a dedicated member of our firm will be in charge of your project.

To take advantage of our profitable rates and te get more information about our different services, feel free to contact our staff.