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All our fares can be consulted and planned. The current maximum rate of pick-up charges and price per kilometer are determined by the Walloon Region.

Official fares (prices inclusive VAT)
From 6 am to 10 pm 2.80 € 1.90 € 3.80 € 37.00 €
From 10 pm to 6 am 5.70 € 1.90 € 3.80 € 37.00 €
Whatever the vehicle’s capacity or the number of passengers the price will be the same:
Pick-up charges

Taxi Melkior Between 6 am and 10 pm (days fares) = 2.80 €
Between 10 pm and 6 am (night fares) = 5.70 €

Price per kilometer
Taxi Melkior The price per kilometer is based on the distance traveled:
- Rate I: 1.90 €/km if the travel is done in the inner area of Liège
- Rate II: 3.80 €/km for the part of the travel out of Liège's area

Waiting Time
Taxi Melkior0.62 €/min: when you make the taxi waiting or when this one is stopped at a red light or in the traffic jam. 

The driver cannot change the fares manually. An approved taximeter is always present in the vehicle. The driver does not have the right to claim more than the price indicated on the taximeter.

Before every travels, the meter is reset. When arrived at destination, the traveler can always ask for a receipt (recommended).

Other Services

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