Taxi Melkior
Are your vehicles adapted for bulky objects?
Our vehicles provide a large boot that allows carrying a wheel chair, a stroller... If you have any doubts, be sure to mention it during your reservation

Are there any cancellation fees?
Taxis Melkior doesn’t charge any cancellation fees but however, it is necessary to inform us of your choice.

How long do I have to cancel / modify my travel?
To cancel, it would be preferable to contact us as soon as possible (24h for long distance reservations).

What are the different payments options allowed on board of the vehicle?
We can accept payments by cash or credit card. Credit card payments are made in the form of coupon. 

Is it possible to make a reservation in advance (1 week, 1 month, etc.)?
Yes, reservations can be made long time in advance through the reservation form or by phone.

How long is the waiting period during the day and the night?
The waiting time depends of various factors: traffic, road works, availability of a vehicle, etc.
Therefore, it is hard to determine the wait exactly. Without inconveniences, you should anticipate 10-15 min during the day and 10 min for the night.

If we are more than 4 persons, is it necessary to order 2 vehicles?
No, to book a suited vehicle (minibus...), we recommend you to call as soon as possible. Indeed, this reservation is only possible within the limit of the number of vehicles available.  

Are pets accepted on board the vehicle?
Yes, but it would be better to warn the call center before the travel. On the other hand, the driver can’t refuse to pick up a person with a guide dog.

Can I ask for a receipt?
Yes. At the client’s request, the drive is forced to give you a receipt. 

Can we smoke in a taxi?
No. The legislation forbids smoking inside the vehicle. 

Is it possible to ask to the driver to turn off the music radio?

Can the driver prevent me to get into the taxi with some food?

Any questions?

For any questions or comments, please feel free to contact our call center team